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How mHealth Should Help Patients Control Their Health

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The word mHealth refers to all mobile devices and applications that give an individual the ability to connect to the different constituencies in the healthcare system. The ability to transfer selected patient health attributes to provider networks is a very important component of the current mHealth solutions. This network comprises of physicians, nurse practitioners and case workers who use the information to identify red flags in patient behaviour which can prompt the providers to take steps to manage a potential medical issue before it worsens. This results in a huge improvement of patient health and decrease in costs.  

Healthcare Transformation Is Driven by Local Factors

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In a country with 50 different states and almost 10 times as many healthcare markets, every market is shaped uniquely according to the characteristics and conditions in the local area. Healthcare is undergoing a change in markets all over the country, but at varying rates.  

3 Ways to Contain Costs before ICD-10

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Managing expenses and cost-cutting, are two vital arts for any business. With the ICD-10 on its way, things could be difficult. Just setting aside reserves are getting credit, wouldn’t be enough. There will be additional expenses after the arrival of ICD-10, not to mention losses in revenue for up to 3 months. It is time for you to assess your business and come up with ways to cope up with that. Following are some ways which can help you achieve just that.  

Drones – The Future of Medical Transport?

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Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), also called drones, are not science fiction anymore. UAVs are extensively used in countless fields. Currently, it’s the retailers that are exploring the applications of UAVs. They hope to use the technology to deliver packages at record speed. However, there is another field which could immensely benefit from UAVs – medicine.  



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